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There is no striving in staffing with us because we love what we do, just like you!

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Our Vision

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
We do know we will be there with you through it.
Your kindness and love surpass all expectations.
You care for many and give kindness to all.
You wear your heart on your sleeve, like we do.


"Dear Coastal Care Staffing, Working with one of your CNAs was a pleasure for me as a registered nurse. She was amazing and far exceeded our expectations in her performance. She frequently questioned how she could assist our staff more effectively. We would love to work with her again. Thank you for properly training your staff and supporting our facility. I hope this positive feedback is shared with our beloved (and new favorite) CNA.”

"Coastal Care is The first Agency I’ve ever worked with, and the Last because they are awesome and I cannot imagine anywhere else living up to their standards. They are respectful, polite, and very helpful. You can definitely tell that they love what they do, because there is never a moment where they are grumpy or mean. If you want to join a team that will have your back and treat you right, Coastal Care Nursing is where you should be."

Shelly Durie

"I've been working for Coastal Care for about 1 year now! All the employees are great and everyone ive met so far is very nice! I would DEFINITELY recommend this agency whether your looking for work, or looking for someone to take care of a loved one! If I Had 10 Thumbs They Would Get 20!!"

Nacal Robinson

"I’ve been with coastal for 11 months now and I would have to say that this is a great company to work for not your typical run of the mill agency. I would highly recommend coastal if anyone is looking to join, the client coordinators are all really nice and very professional and if you have a problem with a certain client or family member they are sure to take care of it so that you’re not being taken advantage of."

Shakera Sanders

"Coastal is a great place! If you have a true heart for nursing you will love it! The staff is amazing, professional caring and real people just like ourselves. They take pride and care in there work, employees and most importantly clients. Both Dee and Kaileen are such good people and very officiant at there job. Most definitely 5 stars."

Margaret Boehm

"Coastal Care is great to work with. I have had a fantastic experience working for them so far. The staffing people really work with you and your schedule. Pay is great and I love how easy it is to get your money. So glad that I quit my full time job last week to work with them. No regrets here. I would recommend Coastal Care to all my friends... and I have recruited 2 people already!"

Jennifer Wright

"I love working at coastal care. They recognize the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand. Coastal Care has great team players and they are always go above and beyond to accommodate their clients along with their employees. I would definitely recommend Coastal Care as a place of employment."

Alicia Stanford

"Great company to work for. All the staff I have had contact with were friendly and professional. Most important, you get to make your own schedule and times."

Norma F.

"I have been working for this agency for over six months now and this company is incredible! I am currently in nursing school and the fact that I can make my own schedule and pick my own hours is so helpful and this company is nothing short of accommodating. I have had some last-minute emergencies come up and when I call this agency to explain they never cease to amaze me with how compassionate and understanding they are. I feel proud to work for this company and look forward to being able to continue to do so once I graduate nursing school :-) if you’re a CNA and you’re looking for a company that appreciates you, don’t hesitate, apply to this company!"

Kaitland Cabral

"Staffing is very kind, they always keeping us updated for opening shifts. Thank you Coastal Care Staffing for being there for us."

Nathalie Delgarde

"Hours are based on me. I make it flexible surrounding my family and I love it. I choose my own schedule and times and have the option to choose. Staff in office are very helpful, polite and patient."